Month: September 2015

Chocolate Dipped Pumpkin Cookies with Skor Bits

Pumpkin season is HERE and I couldn’t be more excited! It signifies the arrival of fall, the appearance of flannel plaid shirts and little black leather jackets, the biting feeling of a cool morning breeze, and the smell of cranberries, apple cider, and cinnamon. Most importantly, it opens the door for so many creative culinary creations (did you see that alliteration?). Advertisements

Chicken (Soba) Noodle Soup in a Dijon Broth

Gone are the days when I could mumble something about not feeling well and, with a snap of my fingers, my mom shows up with her delicious chicken noodle soup as the cure. Nope, now it’s city living where if you’re sick, you can either call your mom and hope she makes the 2 hour drive just for soup, go to the closest grocery store and pick out a can, or invest 45 minutes and create days’ worth of your very own sickness curing soup.

Toronto Food & Wine Festival

As you probably know if you’ve kept up with our recent posts, Toronto hosted its First Annual Food & Wine Festival last weekend at the beautiful Evergreen Brick works. We gave away a pair of tickets to a follower on our Instagram page, and also were invited to attend.    We uber-ed to the festival from downtown and knew we made the right decision when there were tons of cars parked along the side of Bayview-the venue was packed.  We started our day in the Media lounge, had a few snacks and fuelled up on coffee. We knew there were some must-sees on our to do list, so planned our day around that.  We started at the Miele celebrity stage where Chuck Hughes was teaching us how to make peach donuts….I think. I was so engulfed watching his every move that I wasn’t paying any attention to what he was making. I just loved the string lights that amassed the place.      David Hawksworth, an award winning chef based out of Vancouver was doing …

Signature Pastry Dough 

I’m a perfectionist, my mom claims she has had to return or exchange everything she’s ever bought for me. Yes I’m picky, but when I know what I want, I have a hard time settling for anything less.  In the baking world, this trait is to my advantage. Growing up, we would bake cookies or some kind of dessert every night of the week. (Yes, we exercise regularly, and arn’t all obese.) I would tweak and alter recipes every time until until we got close enough to perfection. So what if I have made every cookie imaginable and tried every substitution. I now have my go-to versions of various cookies, Belgium waffles, and fluffy pancakes memorized. Learn the ratios, and you’ll never “Google” a classic recipe again.  Pies are no different. Once you know your favourite flakiness of pie crust, or consistency of crumble topping, you’re golden.  So here I’ll share my pie crust go-to.  I use this for apple pies, cherry pies, sweet or savoury galettes, pecan pie bars, and even quiche.    First things …

Double Coconut Bars

Coconut is one of my favorite summer time (ahem..year round) flavors. I’m instantly transported to that pool side pina colada that is synonymous with Caribbean vacations. Why not bring that feeling to every day living? Tri-layer bars are a great weapon to have in your dessert arsenal. Without straying too far away from a standard bar, you can create so many different desserts that you’ll be a

Spiced-Up Caesars

HAPPY LONG WEEKEND!  What better way to celebrate the last long weekend of summer that with Canada’s Official Cocktail?  I can just see you now – setting off on a long weekend get-away, piling into a car and heading to cottage country with friends and family, waiting in a half hour line at Weber’s to get their famous burgers (ahem, milkshakes), and cracking open a few cocktails while enjoying the starry night. For you non-Ontarian’s, Weber’s is a famous burger joint right off the highway on the drive to cottage country. There is always a MASSIVE line for their triple patty cheeseburgers on the softest buns, rich chocolate milkshakes, and addicting fries sprinkled in a secret spice. Let’s just say, if it’s not on the way to your cottage, you’ll be making a detour.   This was me a few weekends ago, heading North with a friend visiting from NYC. While we didn’t mind sitting in a bit of traffic as we caught up and I masterfully DJ’d some tunes, we had a few hours to …