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Toronto Food & Wine Festival

As you probably know if you’ve kept up with our recent posts, Toronto hosted its First Annual Food & Wine Festival last weekend at the beautiful Evergreen Brick works. We gave away a pair of tickets to a follower on our Instagram page, and also were invited to attend.   

We uber-ed to the festival from downtown and knew we made the right decision when there were tons of cars parked along the side of Bayview-the venue was packed. 

We started our day in the Media lounge, had a few snacks and fuelled up on coffee. We knew there were some must-sees on our to do list, so planned our day around that. 

We started at the Miele celebrity stage where Chuck Hughes was teaching us how to make peach donuts….I think. I was so engulfed watching his every move that I wasn’t paying any attention to what he was making. I just loved the string lights that amassed the place.   


David Hawksworth, an award winning chef based out of Vancouver was doing talks and cooking classes at the festival. Tickets were sold out online but we were able to join the class. We even got stations in the front row. Here Sydney is getting a lesson on cutting chives.  

Ironic or not, I was asked to come to the front of the class and slice the duck breast before plating…hello vegetarian. Let’s just say that was an experience! We also prepared an apple purée, and light Waldorf salad to serve alongside the cured and smoked duck. Bon appetite!  

Since David was selected to design the new menu for Air Canada’s business class passengers, we cooked a few items from the menu and our swag bag included Air Canada gift cards…see you in France!  

Next stop: the Tasting Pavilion!  

This was a massive building with rows and rows of vendors. Any food genre you could think of was here. The hard part was being selective as to what we wanted to try since we were already full at this point. We loaded our pass with money and started making our way through the vendors. We sampled freshly shucked oysters, tuna ceviche and guacamole, decadent cookie bars, and finished off with heavenly Italian canollonis piped in front of us with lemon ricotta filling. My favourite plate of the day was the first one I sampled…a tasting plate from Tabule which included two falafel balls, tabouli of course, picked beets, and pita slices with homemade hummus and babaganeous. Even Sydney (who has a part Arabic background) was impressed and even bought some of the babaganeous to take home! We’ll be sure to visit of of their two restaurants in Toronto sometime soon. 
And to make our day any sweeter, look who we bumped into! He already spent an hour taking photos with fans and signing cookbooks by the time we saw him, but was still willing to take one with us!   

A big thanks to Butter PR for inviting us to a filling, fun, and all-around successful event. 


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Two food lovers unite to share our current concoctions and latest obsessions. A flavourful savourist vs. the dessert loving vegetarian. Follow us along on our food journey.

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