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Thai Red Curry Zoodles (Zucchini Pasta)

I’m always very weary of making cultural dishes for the blog, because everyone has their family recipes and own way of doing things. I know that whenever I try something like hummus in a restaurant, I am extra judgmental. That being said, it’s amazing how accessible dishes from across the world have become for people of all skill level to try. There’s the truly authentic dishes, and then those that bring some modern fusion. The resulting possibilities for dishes new and old, are endless! Advertisements

Spaghetti Squash with Mushrooms in a White Wine Sauce

The New Year has begun, and each year I spend the first few days reflecting upon the year prior and goal setting for the future. 2015 was a great year – Mind over Marmalade was started! In 2016, we hope to continue bettering ourselves personally as well as professionally. What are some of your goals for the New Year? Part of our definition of bettering ourselves personally is eating healthier. For as many healthy recipes we have posted here, there are just as many (if not more!) recipes for cookies, squares, bars, and other desserts. Don’t get me wrong, these are great in moderation, but we’d like to keep up our resolution as long as possible into 2016….let’s hope for 2 months this year? 

Chicken (Soba) Noodle Soup in a Dijon Broth

Gone are the days when I could mumble something about not feeling well and, with a snap of my fingers, my mom shows up with her delicious chicken noodle soup as the cure. Nope, now it’s city living where if you’re sick, you can either call your mom and hope she makes the 2 hour drive just for soup, go to the closest grocery store and pick out a can, or invest 45 minutes and create days’ worth of your very own sickness curing soup.

Roasted Salmon with Thai Tomato Curry and Hot Soba Noodles

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a well-planned and thought out dinner (one that doesn’t consist of tilapia and steamed cabbage that is). I had some extra time on my hands this week and was really excited to be able to cook a blog-worthy meal. Like all my meals, I draw inspiration from multiple sources – whether that be meals I’ve had previously, what’s in my fridge, a little internet and magazine research, or good old imagination.

Basil Pesto

Is there such thing as too much fresh basil? I can’t eat enough caprese salads or pasta to keep up with the amount of basil growing in our backyard! Making a batch of pesto is the easiest way to use up plenty of fresh basil before it goes bad. Here are some of my favourite ways to enjoy pesto: Pasta Sauce – Mix a few spoonfuls with EVOO and toss with a bowl of fresh pasta.  Damn good chicken marinade – Marinate chicken in 1/4C pesto, 1/4C chopped sundried tomatoes, a handful of cherry tomatoes, 1/4C toasted pine nuts, and dash of balsamic vinegar. As a spread on sandwiches or wraps. BBQ Roasted Veggie – Mix pesto with chopped veggies before placing on BBQ. Portobello Mushrooms – Marinate large portobello mushrooms in a mixture of pesto, balsamic, and honey. Grill for 8 minutes per side on a medium heat BBQ. Top with a healthy dose of burrata cheese and a sprinkling of pecans and peaches.    If you have a food processor, this recipe will …

Fresh Pasta Dough

This basic recipe is one I learned at an Italian cooking school here in Toronto, so I’d like to think of it as traditional…enough. I’ve used this recipe for everything from ravioli and pappardelle, to the spinach fettucine here. Every once in awhile, after a hard week, there’s nothing I enjoy more than dedicating an entire Sunday to making fresh pasta dough (is that weird?). I do have a roller, but no cutter so yes it tends to take the entire day! The ingredients and process itself really is quite simple, so if you’re up for the time challenge….read on and prepare