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Pear & Acorn Squash Salad

It would seem that squash and potato are making regular appearances in my salad world. What other time of year are they readily available!? I rest my case. This delicious salad consists of roasted acorn squash as the base, topped with sliced pear, blueberries, haloumi cheese, and pesto. As it is, this makes a great side salad or light meal. To add a little more sustenance, I added 2 heaping tablespoons of farro to each serving.  Advertisements

Caprese Pizza

It’s been way too long since I’ve had pizza, never mind the homemade kind! When it comes to making your own pizza, the simpler the better. Often we tend to go a little crazy with toppings and sometimes it tastes good, sometimes it tastes “eh”, and sometimes the weight is too much for the crust. The general rule of thumb is to keep it to a maximum of three toppings to keep the flavours cohesive. 

Haricots vert

My signature side dish (or main if you’re as obsessed as I am) are haricots vert (extra-thin, firm, non-waxy French green beans).  I change up my add-ins all the time but this is my family’s favourite! The feta adds some saltiness, the panko crumbs and slivered almonds add a perfect crunch, and the shallots and tomatoes round out of flavour profile. You feel like you are eating the ultimate comfort food when you eat these. Mmm good! P.S. You can buy a large 1lbs. bag of these from Costco for $4.99. They last a really long time surprisingly! Ingredients: 1 tsp olive oil 2 shallots, sliced 2 pounds fresh green beans 1/3 C slivered almonds, toasted 1/2 C tricolour grape tomatoes, cut in half 1/2 C feta cheese, crumbled 2 tbsp coconut oil 2 garlic cloves, minced 1/3 C  panko bread crumbs 1/8 tsp crushed red pepper flakes Salt and freshly ground black pepper Directions: Heat a large skillet over medium heat and add olvie oil and shallots. Allow them to get lightly browned, stirring …

Tortilla Soup

So when it’s cold outside I crave warm foods. This can be a struggle for lunches at work, but soups are the perfect solution. Easily reheated in minutes and just as good the second time around.  I’m a sucker for toppings. They make everything and anything better. In this case, tortilla soup gives you plenty of options. I like adding tortilla chips to my bowl of soup and letting them sit and absorb the soup so they become soft. Then top with avacadoe chunks, sour cream, and a sprinkle of cilantro.    I became hooked on tortilla soup on Vancouver. There is a lunch spot on Homer St. that serves the best tortilla soup and enchiladas.  All you Italians must know that August is the month of tomatoes. I’m not Italian, but my dad is proud of our massive vegetable garden and we had no shortage of tomatoes. This recipe is best with ripe Roma tomatoes straight from the garden, but the grocery store ones will do, just make sure they are Roma! Ingredients: 1 tbsp …

Maple Walnut Granola

Myth #1: Granola is too difficult to make at home, so I try to pick out the best at the grocery store. Granola is as easy as you want to make it! It’s versatile enough that you can gather ingredients you already  have in your pantry. (ie. oats, seeds, dried fruit, coconut etc.). Then, add in a little sweetener (honey, maple syrup, blended medjool dates, brown sugar etc.) and watch it crisp up in the oven for an hour. We’re not harvesting our own oats here!

Broccoli Cheddar Quiche with Potato Crust

Ahhh, Sundays. A day made for Netflix, brunching, and napping. What better for a homemade brunch than a twist on a classic? Who else loved roasted broccoli with cheddar cheese as a kid? I used it here as the filling for a potato-crusted quiche. Ie. hash-brown crust! So, next time you have friends over for brunch, you know what to serve. Note: I used a relatively small tart pan, which yields 2 adult human sized servings. I like using tart pans for pies and quiches as well, since the detachable bottom makes it much easier to remove without damaging.

Roasted Salmon with Thai Tomato Curry and Hot Soba Noodles

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a well-planned and thought out dinner (one that doesn’t consist of tilapia and steamed cabbage that is). I had some extra time on my hands this week and was really excited to be able to cook a blog-worthy meal. Like all my meals, I draw inspiration from multiple sources – whether that be meals I’ve had previously, what’s in my fridge, a little internet and magazine research, or good old imagination.

Black Cherry Galette

Where is the summer going? I was COLD walking to work this morning without a sweater. As much as I hate the humidity, bring back the heat!  Even though it may be cooling down, this summer staple we introduced back in June hasn’t gone anywhere. Strawberry picking days are history, but cherries and peaches are in their prime.  If only I lived in the Okanogan and had BC cherries growing in my backyard….give me five years and all be calling myself a West-Coast-er.  Summer nights call for easy barbecue dinners and this dessert is no different. Nothing better than a flakey pasty crust, under a mountain of juicy berries and a dollop of whipped coconut cream.  Remember, this is totally customizable, so swap out the cherries for the fruit of your choice. Also feel free to use whipped cream or icing sugar instead of coconut cream.  Enjoy! -AS   Ingredients For the dough: 1c all-purpose flour ¼ c almond flour 1 tbsp sugar ½ tsp of salt 6 tbsp butter 1 tsp vanilla extract 3 tbsp …