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Savory Pie Crust

Holidays are synonymous with gatherings of family and friends, coming together about stories of the year past and laughs over shared memories. Quiet jazz plays in the background, setting the mood for the comfort food that is soon to be enjoyed. A comfort favorite in my family is savory pies – chicken pot pie and steak and stout pie to be specific. Take the hearty and rich flavors of a thick soup or stew, pair it with a buttery flaky crust, and it has the warmth and comfort of the holidays written all over it. Advertisements

Signature Pastry Dough 

I’m a perfectionist, my mom claims she has had to return or exchange everything she’s ever bought for me. Yes I’m picky, but when I know what I want, I have a hard time settling for anything less.  In the baking world, this trait is to my advantage. Growing up, we would bake cookies or some kind of dessert every night of the week. (Yes, we exercise regularly, and arn’t all obese.) I would tweak and alter recipes every time until until we got close enough to perfection. So what if I have made every cookie imaginable and tried every substitution. I now have my go-to versions of various cookies, Belgium waffles, and fluffy pancakes memorized. Learn the ratios, and you’ll never “Google” a classic recipe again.  Pies are no different. Once you know your favourite flakiness of pie crust, or consistency of crumble topping, you’re golden.  So here I’ll share my pie crust go-to.  I use this for apple pies, cherry pies, sweet or savoury galettes, pecan pie bars, and even quiche.    First things …