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Tortilla Soup

So when it’s cold outside I crave warm foods. This can be a struggle for lunches at work, but soups are the perfect solution. Easily reheated in minutes and just as good the second time around.  I’m a sucker for toppings. They make everything and anything better. In this case, tortilla soup gives you plenty of options. I like adding tortilla chips to my bowl of soup and letting them sit and absorb the soup so they become soft. Then top with avacadoe chunks, sour cream, and a sprinkle of cilantro.    I became hooked on tortilla soup on Vancouver. There is a lunch spot on Homer St. that serves the best tortilla soup and enchiladas.  All you Italians must know that August is the month of tomatoes. I’m not Italian, but my dad is proud of our massive vegetable garden and we had no shortage of tomatoes. This recipe is best with ripe Roma tomatoes straight from the garden, but the grocery store ones will do, just make sure they are Roma! Ingredients: 1 tbsp …

Slow Roasted Tomatoes

The first time I read about slow-roasted tomatoes was in Gwenyth Paltrow’s cookbook, “My Father’s Daughter”. She claims to have a constant supply of freshly roasted tomatoes in her fridge to add to any dish during the week. I immediately thought, why would anyone dedicate hours to something like this? That was until this Sunday, when I spent 3 hours roasting these bad boys. The aroma that slowly develops is good enough to turn into a candle (that must be someone’s job, right?). I can’t wait to use these in a delicious soup I have planned for the week!